Are you Socially Challenged?

No, I’m not talking about your interpersonal skills. (although that might be an interesting topic for a future blog post) I’m actually referring to whether or not you are personally challenged by Social Media and Social Networking.

Maybe you think social networking is something that only teenagers use to spread the latest gossip.  Maybe you are one of those people that think all social media and social networking is just a fad.  Let me think, isn’t that what was said about the automobile, the television, and let’s not forget the PC and the Internet. If you are challenged, you are not alone. Research shows that most people over 30 are challenged by social networking.  

Being a curious person, I decided to take an informal poll of my own via my connections on LinkedIn. I  looked at each of my connections profiles to see what other, if any, social media outlets folks are using.  What I found was actually somewhat surprising.  I found that: 23% had twitter accounts. 14% had personal websites, 12% had Blogs and only 7% used all of the above. Somehow I thought the numbers would be much higher.

Now we have heard the reasons for not using or for avoiding social media and social networking. Some of the most common that I have heard are:

I don’t get it

It’s too hard

I’m too busy

It’s too expensive

I don’t need it

I tried it and it didn’t work

I don’t know where to begin

I’m not a techie

None of my competitors use social media

Blah, Blah, Blah

Hey, I get it!  I feel your pain and fully understand the challenges.

You see some of the excuses listed above I actually used.  I knew I wanted, no, needed to get on the bandwagon as I was both intrigued by the concepts while remaining challenged by the implementation.  For whatever reason I was slow to act. Maybe it was fear,  but fear of the unknown is not an excuse. Fortunately, I was awakened to the realities of this brave new world, the opportunities, and the possibilities so I took the leap.

If I can do it, so can you! It’s too big to ignore. That’s right, over 1.5 Billion use social media and social networking.

It’s time to jump on to the bandwagon.





Conquer your fears by empowering yourself with knowledge. Don’t worry, getting started is easier than you might think. A colleague of mine, Paul Castain, (who by the way I met via social networking)  has created an e-book titled “Social Networking Playbook”.  It is a no nonsense guide to “being social”.   I highly recommend that you read all about Paul by visiting his website and by downloading his new e-book

Social networking is an incredible opportunity and yes,  it can also be a challenge. It’s often said that social media is perhaps one of the most powerful modern age business tools. From a business perspective, social media opens up a new world of possibilities and opportunities and it’s here to stay. If you are not using social media and social networking for your business,  you are definitely behind the times. In fact,  the term dinosaur might just be applied to you. Remember, the worst action is no action. So get with it and jump on the bandwagon.

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