Is it time for a sanity break?

Sometimes we all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You know what I am talking about. When you are working your ass off and it seems like you are getting nowhere. You know the symptoms. You feel it in your veins. You can tell by your reactions to things. It seems like everything that you do is going bad and no matter what you do it keeps spiraling downward. You are starting to become Debbie Downer. You got what I call Stinking Thinking.

Time for a sanity break. Time to find that special thing that brings you back from the preverbal abysses. My mentor once told me that when you are falling off a cliff, reach out and grab on to a branch. Stop the fall.

Call it whatever you want. Bonus day, Decompression day, Me day. Whatever it takes. Stop the fall.

For some it is a small amount of time. 15 minutes, 1 hour, a full day.  Take whatever time you find necessary to get your old self back. To get your Mojo back.

Do whatever it is that will help you find the clarity to re-motivate yourself. It might involve playing a round of golf. It might be reading a few chapters in a new book. It might be something as simple as cranking up a few of your favorite tunes and escaping to a different place and time. (my personal favorite)

We all have an “engine” that drives us and you can’t always go full throttle. If you do you either crash or run out of gas. Either way it won’t be pretty.

Last time I checked, cars also come with brakes. It might be time for you to use them. Take a break. Take a little time for yourself, take a sanity break!


Categories: Motivation

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