About Me

Bruce Zimmerman is an avid runner, hockey fan, and father of three awesome kids. He is also a sales professional with a passion for what he does.  As a highly successful sales and sales management professional, he offers a unique perspective of the sales profession. As a student of life, he strives for continuous innovation and continuous improvement from both a professional and personal standpoint. First and foremost, he believes in personal integrity and strong moral character. This is the foundation for all successful business and personal relationships. He also believes that in order to evolve as an individual, one needs to be open to different points of view, new ideas, and new ways of doing things.

In business, he believes in helping his clients maximize their business potential. This is accomplished by leveraging the right technology with the right strategies with the right business model resulting in increased revenues, enhanced productivity, and reduced cost.

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  1. I continue to be impressed with Bruce’s technical and strategic knowledge of the print industry and business overall. Each of his blogs exposes me to new thoughts and top headlines. Keep it up!

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