My favorite smartphone apps . . .

Got Apps?

As sales professionals, we all utilize a variety of technology in our daily activities. Technology that is indispensable, that provides proof of our daily activities, helps us stay organized, and keeps us connected. For some it’s the desktop personal computer, for others, it’s the laptop, but for most sales organizations, the most indispensable piece of technology is the smartphone.

Gone are the days of the “Crackberry” that revolutionized the business cell phone with the convenience of the first qwerty keyboard and company email.  Today’s Smartphones take it a step further by enabling you to have access to a wide range of useful tools and information. In addition to the phone, smartphones come standard with email, Internet access, contacts, calendars, and music (which for me is a must). They are used for everything from searching for information, reading news and entertainment, playing games, and my personal favorite, participating on the various social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

Whether it’s on an Android, Galaxy, or iPhone we all have our favorite “APPS” that we use while thumbing away our time and attention span sitting in meetings, airport lounges, and traffic jams.  I personally am an Apple guy so there is a plethora of apps to choose from.  If you’re like me, it’s really difficult to say what apps are your favorites. Today I thought I would share my top 5 favorite, must have apps that I use for business.

#1 – Dragon Dictation. For me this is the ultimate app as I use it constantly. It’s perfect for when you are on the road or when you need to capture quick thoughts. You simply tap and dictate notes, emails, and text messages. It works great and it is a safe alternative to typing while you are driving. I have even created entire blog post utilizing this app.

#2 –CamCard. I have tried several business card scanning apps and I have found that I like CamCard the best. It usually captures the information accurately (provided you have good lighting) and it saves the contact information both internally and in my phone’s contact list. But what I like best is that the app also lets you group contacts, make notes, and even search LinkedIn.

#3 – HopStop. Thanks to a scary adventure with one of my reps (yes, you Rob) in San Francisco, I opted for this app. Our unfamiliarity with the BART system resulted in us getting off in an extremely dicey part of town where it was obvious we didn’t belong.  HopStop gives you step-by-step direction for navigating the transportation systems in most major cities. Whether it’s the BART, the train system in Philly, the subway in New York, or the L in Chicago, I can be assured that I will be departing at the right stop.

#4 – SalesForce. If your company uses SalesForce software in the office, with this app you can access all you information in real time. It connects you to your account and opportunities just like you are in the office. You can view dashboards, view notes, even access up-to-date records, right before you step into your appointments. Combine this with Dragon SFDC and you can dictate your meeting notes immediately after the call. (keeping you manager very happy)

#5 – Customer View. If you are a rep that handles Fortune 500 accounts, this app is for you. This app provides you with consolidated views of companies from public news sources as well as your own private social networks. Get the most up-to-date relevant industry information, company profiles, even information on competitors, before walking into that critical appointment or interview.  With this app you no longer have to rely on Google alerts to track key information about your accounts.

Whether using it to do last minute research, access critical customer data, or simply to help you find your way and get you to that appointment on time, smartphone apps can improve effectiveness, increase efficiency, and help you maximize your selling time.

The good news is, these are just a few of the ten of thousands of business apps that are available for today’s busy sales professionals.

These are my fab five. What’s your top five, must have and favorite Smartphone apps?

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