Your Attitude is a choice, choose wisely!

News flash . . . . you can never have absolute control over the things that happen, but you do have control over the way you choose to think and respond to things. (aka, your attitude) The attitude with which you choose to greet the day, approach your work, and respond to the people around you will determine how high you go.

The most important decision we make in our lives is the attitude we choose to express each day when dealing with people or circumstances. Your attitude about any condition, present or future, is within your control. Attitude, positive or negative is a choice. This critical choice, goes a long way in determining success or failure, in life and especially in sales.

Question, do people who are happy and successful have a positive attitude because they are happy and successful OR are they happy and successful because they have a positive attitude?

Personally, I’ve never met anyone I would consider happy or successful at anything who had a negative attitude. Have you?

The one thing I’ve learned in life is that positive thoughts produce positive results and negative thoughts produce negative results. When it comes to the attitude of choice, which direction do you go? Which direction should you go?

A positive attitude is attractive and contagious. It can also be a predictor of job success. According to research done on the power of a Positive Mental Attitude: Only 25% of job success is predicted by IQ, while 75% of job success is predicted by your optimism level. Another interesting statistic, your brain at positive is 31% more productive than when your brain is at negative

Positive attitude has an even greater impact on the sales profession. A recent national survey examined why sales people fail. Here’s a clue, it wasn’t price or product related. Of the survey respondents, 15 percent attributed failure to “poor training,” another 15 percent said “poor management” and another 20 percent said “poor communication skills.” A full 50 percent, however, said that salespeople fail because of “lack of positive attitude”. In my humble opinion, the respondents that blamed “poor” training, “poor” communication skills, and “poor” management, reflected a “poor” or negative attitude. Add up the numbers and you come up with 100% failure rate without a “positive attitude”.

Hello . . . McFly!

When it comes to selling, your attitude, enthusiasm and passion can make all the difference. Ever hear the saying, “people can tell when you are smiling on the phone”? It’s because your approach and attitude affect everything. Customers prefer to buy from positive sales people who have confidence in what they are selling. It’s about believing in your company, in the products or services, and in yourself and positively communicating that attitude to the customer. If you have a poor attitude your customers will know it.  A positive attitude in sales is a very powerful tool. Attitude breeds attitude, which breeds success and rewards of a positive attitude are enormous. I can almost guarantee you are going to sell a hell of a lot more if you feel on top of the world!

Noted Author, Speaker, and Master Salesman Jeffrey Gitomer said it best when in his Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude he wrote, “At the beginning of any task, more than anything else, your attitude will affect its successful outcome.”

Attitude is a choice. Choose to be positive. A positive attitude in Sales is not just desirable or a nice to have, it is essential!

Positive attitudes and comments are welcome.

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