The Shadow Knows . . . A Road Warrior’s Tale

The Shadow

Whether it’s in the daylight, the moonlight, or even in the spotlight, the shadow is an inseparable companion. Appearing at the darkest times, the shadow is a constant reminder of where you are, who you are, what you are thinking. While it isn’t necessarily a reflection of one’s self, it rises from the darkness of relative inferiority and feeds upon the vulnerability of inner negativity and self-doubt.

At the end of a grueling week on the road, I found myself reflecting on the opportunities missed as I wonder what I should have or could have done differently. Seeking to calm the negative voices in my mind, I stepped out onto the balcony of my hotel. But instead of finding peace, I feel the darkness in what is my shadow.

With an eerie proximity, it begins to speak to me in rhyme with an ominous and oppressive voice.

“Hello . . . it’s me. . . . The shadow of the man you used to be.”

I ask myself, is this for real? Is this an insubstantial fleeting state of mind?

It speaks to me again . . .

“Hello . . . it’s me. . . . I was wondering if after all this time, we can find the time to meet? We have to figure out where you’ve been and why you feel defeat.”

 Wait What?

“Hello . . . It’s me . . . This is coming from the heart . . . You been working so hard it’s tearing you apart.”

 Then the voice continues . . .

“Hello . . . it’s me . . . It’s time we talk . . . so have a seat. . . . You’ve forgotten what it’s like to truly feel complete.”

 As I struggle to understand, the shadow spews out it’s final rhyme . . .

“Hello . . . it’s me. . . . time to be a man . . . it’s time for you truly understand. . . . Sometimes you’re up and sometimes down. . . Step out of this shadow. . . let’s turn this thing around.”

The moral to this Road Warriors tale . . . You are not an inferior remnant or version of the work you do. You and your life are about more than your work. Ditch the sadness and gloom of the loneliness your feel. Free yourself from the darkness and find the balance in your life’s journey.



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