He’s back . . .


Yes I know. It’s been quite a while since I last did a post. Six months in fact.

Oh sure, I can give you a hundred different reasons (aka. . . excuses)  as to why I haven’t posted any of my writings. New job, new clients, family commitments, life in general . . . . blah, blah, blah . . . .

Family and friends who regularly check out the Zim-Master’s latest ramblings, wonder. . . .

What’s the deal? Why did I stop? Am I Ok?

At times I felt guilty, knowing that I should write but . . . it just wasn’t there. No want, no desire, nothing to say.

Change of focus? Maybe. Change of Attitude? Possibly I tell myself, it’s just “Writers Block” but before I knew it . . .  funny how time goes by.

I found myself wondering when or if I would start writing again. Then I received an email from a fellow blogger, hockey fanatic, and friend, Tim Mushey of Sell,Lead,Succeed.  He was letting me know that he had just published his latest post on LinkedIn’s publishing platform Pulse. “What version of you do you want to be”. 

It was as if this post was meant for me. It was a wakeup call of sorts. For whatever reason it stirred something in me that I had let slip away. Knowing that I had lost the conviction and commitment necessary, I decided to share my dilemma with him. Having been there himself he could relate. He shared several inspiring post with me over the next couple of weeks and slowly I began to start writing again. At first it was just a few thoughts scribbled here and there but eventually  . . .

So here we are. The Zim-Master is back with the first post in a really long time. It is a trend that I hope to continue. (the writing not the hiatus)



Lesson learned from the ZIm-Master:  Sometimes you can get off track, lose your way. You get away from being who you are and from doing what makes you uniquely YOU! It’s okay, we all get lost from time to time. (I’m thinking about an old J.Geils tune, “I musta got lost, somewhere down the line”) Just remember you will find your way, eventually. Sometimes it just takes a little prodding from a friend to remind you to be the BEST version of YOURSELF.

Thanks Moosh!


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  1. Bruce I am honoured that I was able to give you a little “nudge” to get writing again. Love the post, thanks for the shout-out! Looking forward to the next post already 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  2. Welcome back Bruce! We missed you!

    Paul Castain

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