The Serenity of Cold Calling

images-1Ah, the cold call, the ultimate sales challenge. For most sales organizations, it is an important first step in the selling process as it represents the key to new fresh opportunities.

In essence cold calling is the art of approaching someone, professionally, openly and meaningfully, with a sensible proposition. The ability to cold call is a critical skill for any sales person looking for success.

For some it’s a frightening experience, for others it’s a thrill. Some sales people swear by them while others loath the very thought of the  “dial and smile” method of prospecting.

When viewed negatively, cold calling can be a painful grind. It is draining, exhausting and down right depressing. Sales people who hate cold calling see it as a losing game of numbers, no different than sending junk mail, and highly ineffective.

Sales people embracing this approach in a positive fashion, see the tactic as empowering and an indispensable method for creating new business opportunities.  It is another way to pre-empt existing suppliers and beat out the competition.

While there isn’t a cold calling “secret sauce” for success, countless sales training organizations, sales gurus, writers, and sales people of all sorts, have attempted to create effective cold calling techniques and scripts. You’ve got about ten seconds to prove that you’re worth the prospect’s time and attention, so you want to get to the point.

Since it’s Friday, I thought I would share a humorous look at one method of cold calling.



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