My personal favorite . . .

th-1Over the past year I have written about a variety of topics. I have done posts related to motivation, different technology, and various sales scenarios. Leveraging my professional experience and knowledge of sales, I written about some of the challenges that we as sales professionals all face.

I have shared many of my personal experiences (some good and some bad) that transpired over the past year. But with each post, no matter what I was writing about, I have attempted to inform, enlighten, and entertain my readers with what is my unique view of the ever-changing world in which we live in.

Have I been as diligent in my writing as I would have liked? Of course not. But you know there is this thing called life that sometimes causes even the most well thought out plans to go awry.

Taking a clue from a fellow blogger, I find myself reviewing all my post from this past year.  Some I like and some, well not so much.  But in reviewing all my posts, here is what I consider my top 5 favorite posts from 2013:


#5 – Put yourself in the prospects shoes.


#4 – What did you learn today?


#3 – Doing what’s right.


#2 – Anatomy of a bad cold call.

And my number one and personal favorite blog post of 2013 (drum roll please)

Authenticity . . .  It speaks for itself.

Here’s hoping that you have a safe and Happy New Years Eve.

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  1. Your blog has been beneficial as it validates and reinforces the fundamentals of selling and staying true to positive human interaction. Thank you and Happy New Year.

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