This time, I’m really going to do it . . .

UnknownHow many times have you told yourself or decided that it’s time to do something?  You’ve had it with whatever and it is time to do something about it. You tell yourself, this time I’m really going to do it.

All too often we have big plans to accomplish big things without the conviction to actually accomplish what we set out to do. We set goals, targets and milestones. We adopt the ever important positive attitude and yet we fail to accomplish what we decided that we we’re going to do.

Why? Because despite all of the planning, goal setting and positive attitudes, we forget to take action and do what is required to actually accomplish our goals.

A couple of months ago a friend of mine who has been following my blog, decided that he really wanted to start writing and wanted help in setting up a blog. He was doing some volunteer work and he wanted to bring attention to the cause so he asked for my help. I agreed and we scheduled some time to get together.

In an effort to insure that our time was going to be productive, I assigned him with a few important tasks that needed to be accomplished prior to our getting together.  Nothing that was too complex just the simple things like, selecting his site name, a couple of alternative names (just in case), general theme, basic content, etc.

Well you probably have already guessed that when I showed up, none of the assigned tasks had been completed. Instead of rescheduling (which is probably what I should have done) I decided to work with him on trying to get his blog set up. We picked a basic title, a generic theme, and I showed him how to add content. I walked him through the blog admin pages, the various dashboards, and showed him how he could customize the site to his liking. I also showed him how to add pages, add categories, use tags, and how to add various media to enhance his site. He was super excited, committed, and ready to go.

After about two weeks I decided to check out his progress so I went to his site. Surprise, it was still the same as the day I worked with him. Same basic appearance, and you guessed it, same content I had him write that very day.

I decided to call him and inquire about the status of his blog. What I got was a the usual excuses about time, work, the family, etc. He said that his goal was to get this going and he hoped to get something posted in a couple of days.

Six Weeks later, you guessed it, same status. Well folks, let me tell you that hope is not a plan!  

You can set goals, have all the best intentions, with the most positive attitude, combined with all the hope in the world, but nothing will get accomplished if you don’t Take Action.

No matter what it is that you need to accomplish, your to-do list, a special project, or even to get in shape, it’s easy to get stuck too long in the thinking and planning stage. You have to take action that is deliberate, intentional and tactical.

If you want to lose weight; TAKE ACTION.  Eat and drink less. Try some “push aways” (aka, push yourself away from the table). 

If you want to get in shape; TAKE ACTION. Take a walk, go to the gym, lift some weights.

If you want a new or different job, TAKE ACTION. Update your resume, work your network, target your ideal company or ideal job.

If you want to sell more, TAKE ACTION. Increase your selling activities, prospect more, make more calls. Action creates actions which creates momentum.  

There is an old saying that one average idea that’s been put into action is more valuable than a dozen brilliant ideas. It takes courage and commitment to take action. Stop being a dreamer and start being a do’er. Stop making excuses, forget about fear and disbelief, just take the necessary steps (aka, TAKE ACTION) needed to make something happen.

“Lots of people know what to do, 
Success comes to those who Take Action Now” 
 Anthony Robbins

Thoughts, comments?


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  1. Great points Bruce. It is always good to see a reminder and have someone help keep you on track once in a while. Have a great fall!

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