Take the time . . . to think

ThinkEvery year I have the pleasure of driving with my lovely daughter down to the great state of Louisiana. It’s a 1300 mile trip that takes us approximately 22 hours over a two day period. It is a special trip as it provides me with the opportunity to spend some quality time with her. We fill the hours talking about a wide variety of topics but there is also a lot of quite time. It’s during these quite times where my mind wanders and at one point I found myself wondering why people don’t take the time to think.

Whether it’s from a professional or personal standpoint, there are times when life can get hectic, when we have way too much going on.  We‘re caught up juggling priorities, due dates, and deadlines, where there is no time to think, just react. After a while you start to feel the stress and the pressure of the world screaming for your attention. Time to stop and take the time to think.

When was the last time you actually took some time to think?

No, not just random thoughts while you are watching TV or listening to music, I’m talking serious, sustained thought. Where you look inward to find the calm, solitude, and inner peace necessary to quite the chaos of your world. Where without distraction, you listen to you and only you.

Taking time to think allows your mind to sort things out, to renew, to refresh. It brings about clarity, provides direction and creates renewed sense of purpose. It improves focus, leads to better concentration, initiative, and new ideas. It is often in these times of thought where true inspiration comes from.

So when do you find the time?

Just like anything else that you do you have to schedule it and make it a priority.  You have to make it work and you have to find the time to think. Get up a half hour earlier, take a shorter lunch break, take a long walk in the evening. Whatever it takes, carve out a little solitude for yourself each and everyday.

I once read that solitude is the soul’s holiday. Give your soul the holiday it needs, give yourself some inner peace, steady your mind, and take the time to think.

Do you take the time to think?



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