In the sales battle, are you a Warrior or a Wuss?

th-3 Everyone in sales faces a daily battle of sorts. For some it is an internal battle, for others it a battle for survival. Is it life and death? Certainly not, but it is a battle. You are battling competition, battling against your quota, and battling to win over new clients.

So as you start your day, suiting up in your sales armor, what are you thinking about?  How is your attitude, your focus, your commitment?  Do you have the determination, the self-discipline, and the mental toughness necessary to conquer the day on the proverbial sales battlefield?

Now many of sales pundits will say that he use of military terms or war like languages don’t belong in the sales game. They talk or write about how the  “warrior” metaphor is not only inappropriate for sales but also dysfunctional.

Now I’m not here to debate the use of such terminology, but in addition to being in sales for many years, I have trained and studied marital arts and I subscribe to the notion of Bushidō (the Japanese word meaning “the way of the warrior”). Based on my years of marital arts training and my experience in sales, I firmly believe that to be successful in sales, you need a “warrior” mentality.

So I ask, in the sales battle, are you a Warrior or a Wuss?

A warrior is a force of nature and doesn’t shy away from what is hard or uncomfortable. A warrior is confident, adaptable, versatile, and resourceful. He doesn’t give up, won’t give in, and he sees an obstacle as an opportunity.  A warrior is prepared, he has a strategy, a plan, he anticipates, is intentional in his actions, and executes with purpose.

A wuss on the other hand, takes the easy route, the path of least resistance, and he certainly won’t step outside of his comfort zone. A wuss is set in his ways, is a complainer, and he views challenges as yet another problem that he has to deal with. A wuss likes to “wing it” and is always talking about his plans and what he is going to do. A wuss hopes that things happen.

Warriors are masters of their craft and are constantly looking for new ways to make themselves better. Wuss’s are skeptical of anything new and think they know it all.

Warriors don’t make excuses and they hold themselves accountable. Wuss’s find fault and blame others for their failures.

Warriors are doers, Wuss’s are dreamers!

Warriors are winners and Wuss’s are, well, Wuss’s!

So to all those folks out there that question the “warrior” metaphor, maybe you should take the time to research and understand Bushidō and the code of principles we follow.  Maybe, just maybe you will see the value in a true sales “warrior”.

Comments? Thoughts?

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  1. Great post Bruce, it strikes me that the idea of being a warrior applies to other things in life as well as sales

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