“What’s New?”



Some two and a half years ago, I started this blog. I have utilized it as an outlet to share my perspectives, views, and personal experiences on a variety of topics. I have written about sales, leadership, motivation, and yes, sometimes life in general. For a multitude of different reasons, I haven’t been able to post as consistently as I would like, however the one thing that has stayed consistent, is the look and the feel of this site.

Until today . . .

Today, I am taking a new approach. I have decided to change things up. I decided it was time to try something new.


So why do something new?

Because doing the same things day after day, can get you into a routine and believe it or not, “routine” can quickly become a rut. Sometimes even the smallest shift in thinking or doing can create new possibilities.

Whether it’s at work or in your personal life, there are times when we all get into that comfortable space. Where things are rolling along and everything is just kind of there. You feel pretty good but nothing new or exciting is happening. While feeling comfortable is not such a bad thing, every now and then we need to step out of that comfort zone and try something new.

Trying something new keeps you from becoming bored. If you aren’t continually challenged in some way, boredom sets in and your options become limited. To quote the band Metallica, “Boredom comes from a boring mind.” Trying something new will open your mind up to a whole new world of possibilities, adventures, and opportunities.

Trying something new forces you to grow. Growth requires that we take new action. It might involve adopting a new attitude or a new way of thinking, or literally taking new action. Ultimately your greatest opportunities for growth come from the challenge of doing something new.

What stops many people from trying or learning something new are the thoughts that they are too old, not good enough or just plain busy. To me that’s just limited thinking. Trying something new should be seen not as a threat, but as an opportunity to transform. An opportunity to self-challenge and push yourself to new heights, and to excel to be your very best.

Get in the habit of trying something new on a regular basis. Each successful experience will build your confidence and motivate you to try something else that is new. That way, the next time someone asks, “what’s new”, you have the answer.

Whether it’s a new way of doing things, a thirst for new ideas, a new career, or new path in life, step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

When is the last time you tried something new?


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