Put yourself in the Prospect’s Shoes



Have you ever been sitting down for dinner, or even enjoying a quite weekend at home when suddenly the door bell rings and it’s some annoying sales person standing at your door?

They try to make some sort of small talk then the give you some cheesy sales pitch about (fill in the blank) Sliding, windows, new roof, magazines, etc..

Think for a moment about how that makes you feel. Annoyed? Angry? Put off? Do you wish that they would just leave you the hell alone and let you go about your business?

Now imagine yourself as one of your suspects, or prospects but instead of the doorbell it’s the phone, an unwanted email, or even worse, the walk-in cold call.

Most of us don’t take the time to put ourselves in the prospect’s shoes. If we did, we might take a different approach. Think about how uncomfortable or put off a prospects might be. Think about meeting a complete stranger and being forced to make small talk. Think how you feel when someone comes to your door. Just like you, they don’t want to be sold, they have other things they need to do, and listening to some sales guy isn’t necessarily a priority.

The problem is the majority of sales people still spend a majority of their time either cold calling or cold emailing. Yet time and time again surveys indicate this is the least effective method for generating leads.

Time to try something new. Time to try something different. Be creative, try offering something unique, something of value that the client might be interested in.

Time to walk in your prospects shoes.

If you are looking for new ways to generate leads? Not sure how to go about it? I recommend you visit Yoursalesplaybook and review Paul Castain’s , 35 ways to prospect more creatively.

You just might find some unique and creative ways to get in front of prospects.

Happy Hunting!

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