Are you trying too hard?


No matter what the occasion, there are absolutely times when you really need to put forth your best effort, when you need to deliver, when you need to shine. You prepare, putting in the time and effort that you believe will make all the difference. Then the time comes and for whatever reason things don’t go as you had hoped or had planned.

We have all been there at one time or another. Where despite the best laid plans, all the preparation, your best efforts, things spiral out of control. Instead of your “A Game” you got “No Game”. It’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

So what happened? Did you take the wrong approach or apply the wrong tactics? We’re you over diligent in your preparation or maybe just over zealous in your presentation? Or maybe, just maybe, you were trying too hard.

I experienced such an humbling occasion recently.  I had an incredible opportunity to demonstrate my expertise, experience, and overall market knowledge, to the perfect audience. I was meeting with the President & CEO, the Director of Sales, and one of the founders of the organization.

To say things went awry would be an understatement. Instead of struttin’ my stuff ya’ll, (reference to Chicago blues musician, Elvin Bishop) I found myself singing the blues. My presentation fell flat and the harder I tried the worse it got. It certainly wasn’t what I had planned for and I can confidently say, it wasn’t at all what they were expecting. To put it bluntly, it was down right ugly, It was, as they say, a proverbial train wreck!


Walking out of the meeting I ask myself out loud, “what the hell was that?” I found myself wondering, who was that masked man that took my place? That certainly wasn’t me. I know that I’m better than that. As I searched for answers, I realized, I was simply trying too hard.

Can I get an AMEN if this ever happened to you?

Is it the end of the world?

Absolutely not. Not all presentations go according to plan. Sometimes, for whatever reason, when you need it and want it the most, you just plain blow it!

Don’t beat yourself up. There will be other opportunities. Babe Ruth was not only a great home run hitter, he was also a strikeout leader. Keep swinging for the fence. Keep trying. Just don’t try too hard.

Have you been there done that? Feel free to share you thoughts.

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