A different point of view . . .

change-your-point-of-viewRegardless of the situation, the scenario or the topic, most of us have opinions or strong points of view. Some good, some not so good, but we all have our particular way of looking at things.

Not in all cases, but in many situations in life, if you take off the blinders and open your eyes, you can learn a great deal by looking at things from a different point of view.

As many of you know, I am an Ice Hockey fanatic and love the game for a variety of reasons. The game combines speed, power, and grace, but it also includes strategy, positioning, and teamwork. It’s the ultimate team sport.

Most hockey fans have their preferred area for viewing a game. There are seats at center ice, behind the net, in the corners, and of course there are always seats available in the upper deck. The costs can vary depending on location and you guessed it, your point of view.

Seats on the glass or even at center ice are usually the most expensive. When watching the game from here you gain the perspective of the speed of the game, the power of a shot, a pass, and a check.  But even in these seats, you can miss many important parts of the game. You can’t see the whole ice and you can miss what’s going on in the corners. Many times, your view can become obstructed by the penalty box, the player changes, or even the occasional unruly fan that decides to stand up and bang on the glass.

When your seats are behind the net or in the corners, you can see all of the action that is happening directly in front of the net and yes those wonderful battles in the corners. You can see everything as it is coming right at you. But being at one the end of the rink can be limiting. You can miss a lot of what’s going on, especially if all the action is at the opposite end of the ice.

Sitting in the upper deck (the cheap seats) offers a totally different perspective of the game. Generally, these seats allow you to see the whole ice. You can appreciate the value of positioning of the players on the ice. You can see the plays as they develop, and if you are lucky, you can see the puck actually go in the net.

So what does the game of hockey and where you sit have to do with anything?

It’s simply an analogy.

It’s about the seat you choose to take. It’s about not limiting your view of things, the situations you face, or your perspectives in life.

Whether it’s the game of hockey, the sales game, or the game of life, sometimes taking a different point of view can be an eye-opening event. By looking at things from a different angle or a different point of view, you might just gain a better perspective on a given situation.

What’s your view?

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