Still Crazy Busy?

I have been running full bore, all out, giving it my all. I’m talking about a commitment level that requires burning the candle at both ends trying to squeeze the most out of every day. Where you are so busy you forget what day it is or dare I say, what city you’re in. You know, the kind of busy where you are “Crazy Busy”.

As many of you know, four months ago I started a new job, with a new company, in a totally different industry. Drinking though a proverbial firehose of information, I’m attempting to learn as much as I can as fast as I can. For the last 17 weeks, I’ve totally immersed myself into learning new terminologies in an industry that has countless buzz words and acronyms. Throw in being a neophyte in a new organization, with new and different systems, processes, and people; add in 80+ nights with Marriott and 60 some odd flights; ya, you can say I’ve been “Crazy Busy”!

Am I complaining? Absolutely not! I totally love what I’m doing. I work for a great  company with a fabulous culture that employs the very best talent in the industry. My team; “Sales Rock Stars”. It’s awesome!

So what’s missing?  . . . Balance.

With commitment comes sacrifice and all too often we get out of balance. Out of balance with work and life, family and friends, and doing the things that make us who we are.  Where you become blinded by the commitment and you don’t comprehend the cause and effect, the things you give up, and the sacrifices you end up making.

Time for a dose of reality. Time for a wake up call.

Thankfully, today I got one, and it came about by chance.

Yesterday, returning home from my most recent trip, I’m just in time to watch my wife do her weekly impression of “Action Jackson” ace sports photographer at my sons football game. After the game, (and a long week) I head off to bed, as she uploads several of the key action shots to her Facebook page.  This morning, as I savored my first sip of morning joe, I grab my iPad to check out her work. Well, either by chance or by fate, instead of selecting the Facebook icon, I inadvertently hit the LinkedIn icon.

I know it’s early and the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet, but I can’t remember the last time I was on LinkedIn. I had 37 messages, 3 of which were from followers of my blog who were basically asking if I was OK and if things were still “Crazy Busy”. Ring, ring. I decide to check out the home page and what jumps out at me, my last blog post – 45 days ago. Ring, ring!  Now two of the things that I enjoy the most are writing and running. I haven’t written a blog post in 45 days and it’s been a least a month since I’ve gone for a run. “Hello, this is your wake up call and it’s time for BALANCE”!

Just back from a run, I realize just how important balance really is. Without it, commitment is just an empty promise. To my friend “Moosh”, thanks for the wake up call.

Lesson from the Zim-Master:

Don’t forget the balance! Make sure that you take the time to do the things that make you who you are and that bring you enjoyment.  Don’t get so “Crazy Busy” that you forget about the little things that are important to you. Whether it comes by chance or by fate, when the balance wake up call comes, make sure you answer.

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  1. Hey glad to see that you are alive and kicking my friend. It is obviously easy for us to get out of balance, especially when you start an exciting new role! Glad you had a wake up call! Happy to help any time. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and good luck with everything…

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