Time to Re-Engage . . .

There is a scene near the end of the 1986 classic movie Top Gun, where Maverick (Tom Cruise) is called out to go into a dog fight after coming back from a crash in which his spotter, Goose, was killed.  He is having difficulty as all he can think about is the past and how he lost his friend and he is looking for something, anything to get back in the fight.  Everyone is screaming for Maverick to get back in the game, to re-engage. The flight commander is screaming “Re-engage Maverick, dam it re-engage”. Maverick keeps saying its no good, its no good. Suddenly he finds the will to turn around and get back in the fight. Maverick re-engages and as the saying goes ” the rest is history”.

With the unofficial end of summer here, it’s time to re-engage. You see, it is easy  for many folks, especially sales people, to become distracted and disengaged during the summer months. Summer time is an awesome time to take advantage of the weather to get out and do the things that you can’t necessarily do during the other 9 months of the year. Golfing, fishing, tennis. Family vacations, going to the beach, the pool, going on bike rides, camping, etc. The opportunities for distractions are endless.

It is easy to start to slack off. At first it’s a round of golf here, then a day at the beach, and maybe a day at the amusement parks with kids. Summer is great, but before you know it, it’s gone. Unfortunately so is most of the quarter and now your selling efforts are coming up short.

Time to put the summer behind and get back in the game. Time to re-engage!

So how do you reignite your sales efforts? How do you put the fuel back into your pipeline?

Here are 10 easy to implement steps you can take to get back in the game and get your groove back.

1)    Call your existing clients and thank them for their business. Ask them what is working well for them and if there are any new projects where you might be able to help. You can also ask if they know of anyone who could benefit from your services, aka, ask for a referral.

2)    Go back through that old stack of business cards you collected and saved. Pick up the phone and reconnect, you just might find that proverbial needle in the haystack.

3)    Go to your contact list in your phone. You may just find a contact that you forgot about that might buy from you or maybe help you find someone who will. Guess that’s why they call it a Smart Phone.

4)    Revisit old prospects that told you No or that may have delayed a decision. Things change and there just might be an opportunity waiting.

5)    Reach out to your social networks. It’s not just about what you know, but who you know, and who knows you.

6)    Look at your existing clients then look at what other prospects might mirror them or are similar. ie, same vertical, same business, same department, etc.

7)    Strive for Five. Identify and reach out to five new prospects each day. If you do this, you can touch 25 new prospects each week and 100 in a month. Now that will get you back in the game in a hurry.

8)    Visit your competitors website. Check out the customers they reference then call on them. They may not be as happy as you might think.

9)    Read your prospect’s financial reports and see where the priorities are. Look at what projects are getting funding and follow the money.

10) Update your “elevator pitch” and value proposition or what I like to call the “Proclamation Statement”. Take a look at it from the prospects point of view. What do they want and need to hear from you to get them to return your call or schedule a meeting with you.

These are just a few ideas to get you re-engaged and back in the game. If you need more, I suggested you check out an old post from Paul Castain’s yoursalesplaybook.com and download his e-book, 46 ways to Generate Business.

There are only 82 selling days left in the year. If you are  Top Gun, if you want to hit your numbers, and you want to make sure you get off to a fast start in 2013, get back in the game and get busy! Bottom line is, activity generates activity which generates calls, meeting, proposals, and orders.

It’s time to Re-engage!

Feel free to share your thoughts or even a unique way that you use to re-engage.


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  1. Number 10 is high on my priority list! Updating, changing and refocusing my proclamation statement keeps me enthusiastic, which in turn creates enthusiasm in others. BTW .. love your phrase proclamation statement, as opposed to elevator speech. It just sounds so much more professional.

    • Laurie,

      Thanks for your stopping by and for your comments. A Proclamation statement is just that, a proclamation of what you have done and will do for your cleints. It’s just a different way that I look at things. Keep on keeping on and striving for your goals. Have a Rockn’ day!

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