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A while back I had the opportunity to interview an individual who I believe is truly a Sales Rock Star. Actually, I was so excited about the fact that I was able to interview him that I wrote a blog about it shortly after the interview concluded.

It was my intent to review all my notes, bring the whole thing together, and post my thoughts and perspectives within a couple of days.

Wanting to make sure that what I wrote was perfect in every way, I wrote several drafts but nothing seemed right.  I would write something, I would read it, and conclude that it didn’t adequately portray my true thoughts. It had to be perfect! I wanted, no needed, to use the right words to describe how much this individual has meant to me and the thousands of other “aspiring sales rock stars” over the last few years. Somehow none of the drafts that I had written seemed to say what I wanted to convey.

Then today, as I was sitting alone, thinking about what has been a crazy last few weeks, it came to me. It was like the JediMaster himself leaned over and whispered in my ear. The three simple words that he shared with me when I ask him what and how he ultimately decides to write or talk about. He said, “it has to come From The heart

So here it is, it’s not perfect, but it’s from the heart;  my take on Paul Castain, of Castain Training Systems.

In the new world of social selling, Paul Castain is an Icon. He is a Sales Rock Star, Social Selling Sales Guru, and a Social Networking Phenom. He actively participates, and is deeply ingrained in all the major social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (including his sales playbook group that has approx.. 31,000 members ). He conducts Sales Training webinars and he even has podcasts available on iTunes. (Sounds like a Rock Star to me)

He relentlessly blogs with a style that is decidedly New York; edgy, direct, and at times, a little bit sarcastic. All too often it seems as if he wrote that day’s blog just for you, as his approach is, in his words, “like he is talking with you over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table”. Personal and periodically reveling, his words give insight into the type of man he really is.  When asked what and how he decides what to write, his response was, “always from the heart; the heart has the final say, the heart is the supreme editor”. 

His legion of loyal followers, are like disciples of a professional sales super cult. He is affectionally called Uncle Paul or the JediMaster. Samantha Albright of Clipper Magazine, called him “Imaginative, provoking and charismatic”. She continues by saying that “his words have the power to influence and persuade others to look past their own boundaries and open themselves to new possibilities”.

He is the master of subtle promotion with an attitude and a philosophy of giving value first without expecting anything in return. On his website, a free stuff tab, offers a multitude of tips and techniques for “aspiring rock stars”. Everything from how to be more visible to your network to ways to prospect more creatively. You can subscribe to his podcasts, sign up for webinars, obtain personal one on one coaching, and yes, even hire him for your entire organization for Sales Training that Rocks. I can personally attest that his e-book, Social Networking Playbook is a game changer.  It is a must read for everyone in sales and as a matter of fact, whenever I talk to or teach people about how it should be done, I always recommend this social networking gem.

So how did this Social Sales Rock Star, come to be? Was the “Keeper of the Whupass” always this way? Did his success come easily?

To find the answer one need look no further than his blog post from May 17, 2010, A Tale of a Child & His Sales Mojo. In that post he briefly touched on how he lost his business, was $60K in debt, and working as a night pressman (8pm-8am shift) making a mere $8.50 hour. But this night proved to be a defining one for the Paul Castain that we know today. On that fateful night his press broke down, and as he sat there with nothing to do, he noticed a co-worker reading of all things, a Tony Robbins book. When his co-worker went back to work, Paul grabbed the book. From that point, he decided to forgive himself, to believe again, and to believe that anything was possible. On his next break, knowing that he needed to get back into sales, he picked up the want ads, circled 4 or 5 ads, and ended up with an interview (which he nailed) and everything began to change.

In one of his blogs he made mention of a bracelet that he once bought for himself. I asked him if he still wears it and what it means to him. In a meaningful yet mystical fashion, he described how it reminded him about being deliberate and intentional in life. The the bracelet serves as a reminder of the journey. A journey born of the one word he used when asked to express a word that describes him best, “respectfulness”. Respect for the profession, respect for his father, and more importantly, ultimate respect to the contract committed to & sealed on that infamous 12 hour shift.

So there you have it. A brief glimpse and insight into a man that is truly a Sales Rock Star. Someone who, in this one man’s humble opinion, will someday be discussed in the same vein as the greats like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Dale Carnegie. One day he will be enshrined with these great sales trainers and speakers elite, in the Sales Trainer Hall of Fame. (if there isn’t one there should be)

So if you are in sales and you want to know what it takes to be successful in today’s instant access social seeking world, lock horns and discover Paul Castain and Yoursalesplaybook. Chances are you just might become a Sales Rock Star in your own right.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and what Uncle Paul means to you.

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7 replies

  1. Wow! Wow, Wow! What a post Bruce. Just an incredible tribute to a man we both admire greatly. Excellent work….

    • Tim, Thanks for your feedback. Paul is an incredible individual and an inspiration to so many “aspiring sales rock stars”. This post was very challenging to write because of the admiration you mentioned. Thanks again for your comments.

      • Hey my pleasure Bruce! I can imagine how difficult it was to write, but the outcome was incredible. I would expect nothing less from a fine writer like yourself 🙂
        Have an awesome day my friend!

  2. Reblogged this on Sell, Lead, Succeed! and commented:
    Bruce Zimmerman’s post about Paul Castain brought my night to a screeching halt on Monday. I wiped the sweat off my brow in the stifling summer heat, proceeded to the “coolness” of my basement, and read every word.

    If you have been following for a while, Paul Castain’s name is brought up quite a bit on this blog. There is good reason for that.

    Bruce captures the true essence of who Paul is, and what he stands for. I had already been planning a post for Thursday which references Paul’s website, so this will be the first of two posts, back-to-pack discussing somebody I admire greatly. Enjoy!

  3. There’s that guy Tony Robbins again. Inspirational story. Great stuff! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the introduction to Paul!

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