PASSION and ENTHUSIASM: Two essentials for Sales Success

I was out working in the yard this weekend and my next door neighbor came over for a chat. He had just started a new job and he was very excited to tell me all about it. As he talked, his passion and enthusiasm for his new company and his new role became very obvious and I could feel myself getting excited for him. After our conversation, as I got back to my Saturday chores, I started thinking about how important passion and enthusiasm is for sales success.


Yes, Passion and Enthusiasm. Two of the most underrated essentials for sales success. Those deep down, powerful emotions that are very hard to measure, difficult to promote, and impossible to teach,

Selling is all about passion, believing 150% in what you’re offering, and demonstrating that in every way and at every occasion. Also, enthusiasm is contagious and your positive emotion will be transferred to the prospect. A salesperson without passion and enthusiasm is just another order taker.  Henri Frederic Amiel said it best:  

“Without passion man is a mere latent force and possibility, like the flint which awaits the shock of the iron before it can give forth its spark.”

It’s extremely important to fully understand and appreciate how much our personal passion and enthusiasm can and does impact our results as sales professionals. It doesn’t matter if you’re in retail sales, an inside sales rep, or a big time corporate account executive, the need for sales passion and enthusiasm is clear. It’s essential to your success and it should be very near the top of your list of the necessary qualities.

You can have a great product, a fabulous territory and tremendous talent, but if you don’t have enthusiasm and a passion for what you do, it’s hard to make a sale. When you have passion, you speak with conviction, act with authority and do enthusiastic presentations. When you are excited and passionate about a product, or anything for that matter, people notice.

Passion and enthusiasm are contagious and ultimately selling is a conveyance of feeling.  If you can get the prospect to feel the same way about your product as you do, they’ll buy it.  Passion and Enthusiasm often can carry you far beyond any talent or skill you may be lacking because greater passion and enthusiasm leads to greater sales, it’s that simple.

As you start out your week, remember with passion and enthusiasm, anything is possible. As E. M. Forster once wrote, “One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.”

Keep the flame of passion and enthusiasm alive!

Do you agree? Is passion and enthusiasm required for sales success?

Please share your thoughts and comments.


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