The Extra Second


Have you ever had one of the moments that figuratively slaps you in the face? A moment that makes you stop and think . . . one of those WOW moments.

It happened to me this morning.


I’m up early preparing for what will be a grueling three days on the road traveling to four different cities. As I am in my office gathering up on the things I need for my trip, I come across a piece of homework that my 15 year old had apparently placed on my desk last night. It was a paper that he had written for his freshman honors English class. Initially, I thought he had placed it there so that I could see his grade, an A.  Whether he had intended it or not, it had a much more profound effect.

So as I prepare to head out the door, I thought I would take an extra second to share it with you, my readers. My hope is that you will take the extra second to read it and reflect on your own circumstances. If you like what you read, please feel free to share your comments.

The Extra Second . . .  By Alex Zimmerman

I believe that time on earth is too short for our society to be rushing. When you see someone walking what do you see, do you see someone speeding to his or her destination, or do you see them admiring the smaller things around them?

Our world has turned into a foot-race; no one slows their pace to look at the bigger picture because apparently their life is too important to pause, and look at the daisies every once and a while. That doesn’t mean being late for an important business meeting is ok; it means to enjoy every moment you have on this planet, and to submerge your five senses into the succulent pool of reality. You need to stop, and take a second to really smell those beautiful red roses, and to admire that majestic animal crossing the road.

Our world is made up of so many different things, and we all focus on the wrong side of it. Our reality is brutally torn in half; the world tells us that we have to worry about things that don’t even matter in the big picture. Who is going to remember that wealthy, selfish, and disgustingly rude CEO who made millions at the dismay of thousands of people? No one will.  It’s not about making millions, or even billions, it’s about how wealthy you are in your memory.

The after life is a mystery, but we all know that you’re not allowed to take a Lamborghini there, so take the most valuable possession you have. . . your mind. Full of depression, confusion, fright, love, happiness, and every other emotion that has been mustered up. The mind is the greatest treasure in the universe. Life is about living, not surviving. Even though both words seem similar, they have almost the complete opposite meaning! Surviving is just making it by, or having the bare essentials to stay alive, but living is enjoying your time in this world, before the clock strikes zero and your time is up.

So take an extra second to stop and gander at what is in this life, and enjoy every moment that passes by. Before you know it you’ll be slowly descending into that hole while loved ones weep, and the only thing you’ll be taking with you are the memories you have squeezed out of your life… and of course the nice attire your relatives have put you in.


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  1. Bruce – I’m sure you’re already well aware but Alex is phenomenally talented. What incredible insight into the human condition at the ripe old age of 15. Just goes to show you that the date on your birth certificate has absolutely nothing to do with your ability to perceive what is happening around you (or not as the case may be). Thank you for taking the time to share this essay and kudos to Alex.

    • Beth,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your comments are greatly appreciated and spot on! Mature beyond his years and very observant! Thanks why I felt compelled to share his perspectives.

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