What’s your “Why”?

I was at a neighborhood gathering this past weekend and I ended up in a conversation regarding the use of social media. When I was asked about how and why I used it, I openly discussed my thoughts on the subject. There was this one guy, who I didn’t know, that kept asking why? Why twitter? Why I blog? Why I chose the topics I do? Why this and why not that?

It got me thinking about “Why”? Why we do what we do? Why somethings motivate us while others not some much.

If you really think about it, the word “Why” is a pretty compelling word.  Why as a noun, is a question concerning the cause or reason for which something is done or achieved. As an adverb, why is for what reason, cause, or purpose.

I once read that the “Why” is the magical fuel for motivation, performance and satisfaction. That “Why” invokes meaning. Without meaning we have no intention, no purpose, and no motivation.

In doing some research on “Why”, I came across a quote from Tony Robbins that said,  “If you have a strong enough “Why”, you’ll find the ‘How’”. It’s funny that we tend to spend so much time trying to break the code on the ‘how’ of our success that we forget about our “Why”.

As I sit here at my desk, I’m looking at what I call my vision board. It’s one of those digital picture frames that my wife gave me for Christmas a few years back. As I am looking at the pictures roll by, I came to the realization, a moment of clarity if you will, that this is my “Why”!

This is what I work for! These pictures are the reasons “Why” I do what I do. They are what compels me to persevere when things aren’t going my way. They are the “Why” that keeps me going when it seems the whole world is against me.


Make today your Motivational Monday! Get clear on what moves you forward. Create a vision of “Why” you do the things you do. Once you have the “Why”, no matter how unlikely, the how will become much easier and much more enjoyable.

Think and dream big. Pursue your “Why” with passion and excitement.

So what’s your “Why”


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