What you can learn from a sign twirler

Sometimes we all get caught up in the daily grind. Get up, go to work, come home, go to bed. Get up and do it all over again tomorrow. Same same. Same old routine, same old job, or as they say “same shit different day”. It’s easy to get caught in the trap. You begin to take things for granted. You get bored with the same ol same ol; and over time you lose the enthusiasm, drive, and passion for what you do.

The other day I’m driving to a meeting with a client.  It’s cold, windy, and it’s snowing. I pull up to a busy intersection and I notice a gentleman standing there holding a rather large sign and pointing half heartily in the direction of the store. Obviously he wasn’t enjoying what he was doing and quite frankly I couldn’t blame him as it was pretty nasty out there.

As the light changed I drove off, glancing ever so slightly at the miserable little man holding his sign. About a half mile down the road,  I come across another guy with a sign. Only this time I watched in complete and utter amazement as this guy is really into it. He is spinning and twirling the sign. He is throwing it up in the air spinning around, dancing, smiling and waving at anyone and everyone that drives by.

Later as I am driving back, I  come across the same twirler. He is still performing his magical tricks with the same level of energy, enthusiasm and passion. And yes, he is smiling.

As I’m watching him, I can’t help but think how this situation relates to sales and three of  key traits that I believe makes a great sales person. Attitude, enthusiasm, and passion.

In sales, customers like to buy from positive people who have confidence in what they are selling and help their customers enjoy the buying process. We all face adversity all to often its your attitude that makes the difference. Remember it is your attitude that determines your altitude.

Most successful sales people have great enthusiasm for what they are selling. They believe in themselves, their company, the product, and the service behind it. The depth of these beliefs is what creates enthusiasm.  The more you believe that what you have is the very best, the greater and more genuine your enthusiasm.

In a post by Mark Hunter, aka, The Sales Hunter, he said “When the day is over and my customers are reflecting back on the people they’ve interacted with and the activities they’ve done, do they think of me in a positive light that contributed to them having a good day?”

Remember, the next time you see a twirler, it’s not about the sign. Think about them in a  positive light and how they contributed to you having a good day. Let it serve as a reminder of what sales is about. Because when it comes to selling, your attitude, enthusiasm  and passion make all the difference. Greater passion and enthusiasm combined with the right attitude leads to greater sales–it’s that simple!

Just my thoughts. What’s are yours? Feel free to share you. Thoughts and comments.



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