So, what’s your story?


Whether it is from a personal or professional perspective, at a social event or in the context of a business situation, we all end up meeting new people and usually start up a conversation. Inevitably the proverbial question comes up in some form or another, “So what’s your story”?


We all have a story, as stories have always been and will always be part of who we are, what we think, and what we do.  Think of the last blog or book you read. Did it have a good story? What about the last movie, play, or even your favorite song, did it tell a story? Think about a good joke, was there a story associated with it?

Stories are the way that most people communicate and relate to one another. In sales, it is especially important because your success and the successes of your clients are best explained or told via a story.

Why?  Because they illustrate your points in ways that can be much more convincing than other types of information. Stories are more memorable and go beyond the facts, figures, and theories. They grab and hold your prospects attention better and trigger their emotions. They are usually conversational and more importantly they stimulate your prospects to react and tell their stories.  Getting your prospects to tell you their stories is a subtle way to get them to open up to you. It will enable you to ask better more meaningful questions.

Top producing sales people are great communicators and they sell ideas. The easiest and probably the most efficient way to sell an idea is through the use of stories. They are used to help explain, clarify, and generate interest. Your stories can be original, personal, fun, and even entertaining. But most of all they must be relevant!

Moral to this story? Want to be a Sales Rock Star? Tell more stories!

So, what’s your story? Got one you want to share? Leave a comment or send me an email and I will share your story.


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