Inspiration when you least expect it . . . but need it the most

Have you ever faced a time in your life where things just didn’t seem to be going your way? Where no matter what you try, things just seem to get worse. Generally speaking, you consider yourself an optimist but it’s as if the world started spinning in the opposite direction. It’s a downward spiral, the negativity kicks in, and the dreaded stink’n think’n is back. You hold out hope that if just one thing positive could happen, that things would turn around.

Well this pretty much describes me and the way things have been going. Yeah, things are challenging, circumstances aren’t great, but I believe somehow things will turn out OK. I’ve been trying everything I can to stay positive. Running, working out, reading and pretty much staying busy. But somehow I’ve been in a funk.

I needed something, anything, some sort of sign to say everything will be fine. I needed some kind of inspiration!

Monday starts off by writing what I felt was a pretty good blog post about selling change. I started getting emails with notices of new followers and comments awaiting approval. Not sure what was going on, but hey maybe people are relating to what I had to say. I didn’t  think too much about it, no time to deal with it anyway as I have a scheduled 3 1/2 hour series of interviews on Tuesday that I need to prepare for.

Tuesday morning comes along, my chance to shine and for whatever reason I totally bomb. Driving home, the song “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, comes on the radio. Wow, talking about kicking a man while he’s down. The words, “you only get one shot”, one opportunity” echo in my mind over and over. I found myself on the edge about to fall off the cliff into the abyss.

Feeling totally deflated after blowing my interview, I decided to turn to my cyber life for some kind of escape from my miserable performance. On Twitter, I come across a tweet from Paul Castain (yoursalesplaybook) on 12 ways to screw up a first impression. Wow, thanks Uncle Paul, talk about hitting a nerve. Anyway I decide to retweet the post and I send him a quick note about the post. Paul being Paul, follows up by asking me which post I was referring to and he includes a link to a different post. I click on the link and wow, it’s the post he did on Monday and it’s about me and my colleague Tim Mushey.

To say I am blown away is an understatement! Words can’t really capture my feelings and thoughts as I’m looking at the post in total shock. I religiously read Paul’s post but due to my preoccupation with my preparation for the ill-fated interview I didn’t see the post.

Talk about inspiration when you least expect it but need it the most!

Now understand that Paul doesn’t normally do this type of thing. I don’t know what possessed him to write it and include me, but I am very thankful he did. He brought me back from a bad place and provided me with the positive that I so desperately needed.

Uncle Paul, aka, Jedi Master, I am honored and truly humbled by your kind words and I want to thank you for your impeccable timing. You provided me with the inspiration when I least expected it but needed it the most. You know I consider you a true sales rock star and now you can add psychic to the list.

For those of you who don’t know Paul Castain, I strongly recommend you connect with him at







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  1. That was very kind of you Bruce!

    No thanks is necessary my friend. You are inspiring others through your willingness to openly share your experiences . . . just keep doing what you’re doing. The rest always works itself out.

    Paul Castain

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