“Seeking Opportunity”

If you are on LinkedIn, (if not, why not) you have probably seen the profile status headline; “Actively Seeking Opportunity”.  That’s right, the one that instantly jumps out at you.  The one that’s makes you think, I wonder what happened? It’s not uncommon in today’s challenging economic environment. Hey, it’s a sign of the times.

If you have been there or have any kind of empathy at all, you send them a quick note; “How can I help”? You might even reach out with a phone call to see what type of opportunity they are looking for. You let them know that you are willing to help them, share any opportunities that you are aware of, even share your connections.

Well, it’s official; my profile status now reads “Actively Seeking Opportunity”.

Due to market conditions and a planned business transformation by my former employer, I was part of a significant reduction in force. Downsized, laid off, expendable. Call it what you want, I’m available; I’m a free agent.

Was I caught off guard? Was it a surprise? Actually no. I saw this coming several months ago and I’ve been actively looking.

So why am I writing about this on my blog? Am I using this as a forum asking for help? No. (although I will take any assistance anyone wants to offer.)

This post is about strength of network.

You see I have worked diligently over that last year to develop a strong network. Connecting with individuals from across the country over a broad range of industries and professions. Business owners, sales professionals, old friends and yes, a lot of recruiters.

I have leveraged social media as well as old fashion personal networking to expand my connections. I have had multiple conversations (both electronically and live) with many if not most of the individuals in my network. Always attempting to enhance the relationship in whatever fashion possible.

I have listened and learned about networking from some awesome individuals. People that I have come to respect for their knowledge, wisdom, and yes, advice. Many of whom I didn’t even know existed a year ago.

If I attempted to name all of the individuals that have helped me both directly and indirectly, I would probably miss someone. Also, it wouldn’t be sufficient or do justice to them to simply list their names.

So in an effort to not forget anyone, to those of you in my network, I just want to say THANK YOU!

Strength of network is critical!

How strong is your network? What are you doing to expand and to strengthen your network? What are you going to do TODAY to add value to your connections?

Feel free to share your thoughts.


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