A Reason to Believe…

So you’re having a bad run.  Nothing seems to be going your way. You have had it and you’re not sure if it is all worth it or not. Hey, we have all been there. When confronted with the challenges that we all face in our lives, we all need to find something to keep us going, a little bit of inspiration, a Reason to Believe.

If you are in sales, whether as a direct rep or as a manager, you certainly hear NO many more times than you get a yes. Can you say 10/20 rule? (10 calls / 20% close ratio) That’s NO 80% of the time! Sometimes that is tough to take!

Is this post about improving your close ratio? Absolutely not!

What it’s about, is finding inspiration, inspiring others, and a reason to believe. It’s a story of perseverance. It about no matter how difficult the circumstances seem to be, if you believe in yourself, and those around you, and you keep after it, you can triumph in the end.

Now understand that I live in Denver, Colorado and I have been a Denver Broncos season ticket holder for a very long time. (in the family since 1965 / mine since 1981) I have seen a lot of great football and some not so great football. But what I have seen over the last 5 weeks is truly inspiring!

Can you say Tim Tebow? Yes Tebow!

For most of his football life he has been told that he would never make it. That he didn’t have the skill set to be a big time player. At every turn, he has had his critics and doubters. It happened in high school, college, and even now, in the NFL. (He started this year as the Broncos 3rd string quarterback.) Two months ago, he took over a 1-4 team. Today, the Broncos sit atop their division with a 7 and 5 record. He has truly inspired his team, the fans, and a city.

A lot of folks chastise Tebow’s faith. But hey, it’s real. When confronted with the “nay sayers”, he always talks about only controlling what “you” can control. He talks about controlling his attitude, his effort, and his focus.

Many of us, just like Tim Tebow, have our doubters and critics. People will find the negatives in what we do and how we go about it. They will say you can’t do this or you can’t do that. They will take shots at you. They will try to put you down.

When you get knocked down, get up! When things aren’t going your way, keep the faith! Believe in yourself and in your abilities! No matter what the circumstances are, find a reason to believe!

You can only control what you can control; so control your attitude, your effort and your focus.

Great advice from a proven winner!


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