Did you ever wonder why . . . .

Last week, Andy Rooney, of the famed and long running series, 60 minutes passed away. He lived a good, long, and successful life, retiring just one week before he died at age 92. 

Today, since it is Sunday,  I decided that I wanted to write a brief tribute to Andy Rooney. You see as I grew up, I remember sitting with my family, just after Sunday dinner, watching him and admiring his quirky way of story telling. 

He had the unique ability to take an everyday situation and turn it into an amazing and entertaining piece. He wrote and talked about both the obvious and the sublime. He spoke to the ordinary man, and for the frustrations of everyman. He often would open his segment with, “did you ever wonder why?” .  . . (Fill in the blank.) He would then begin talking about the things that he felt were absurd, like cotton in a pill bottle, or paper clips, or whatever frustration that he might have faced that week. He talked about receiving fan mail and never responding. He couldn’t understand why someone would take the time to write him. He felt that he really didn’t deserve the attention nor the time it took for someone to write him.

He was somewhat of a curmudgeon but  his writings were truly inspirational to all who wanted to write. He once wrote, “no thought has much meaning until it is written or spoken”. This phase served as a wake up call for me and possibly others who needed an outlet for their impressions of the world.

I think of Andy as the original blogger. He wrote and then read his thoughts and comments to us every Sunday night.  His role as the postscript to the 60 minutes program was in effect an early version of many of today’s bloggers.

Andy was an iconic figure, and for me, will always come to mind when I hear the phase “did you ever wonder why”.  Thank you Andy and rest in peace.


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