Don’t “step in it out there”

First of all, this post doesn’t reflect any particular political view point. I’m not going to break that sacred creed of mine to not use this blog to express my political points of view. That’s definitely not the purpose of my blog. But I am using politics to emphasize a point.

I don’t know if you caught any of the GOP Presidential debate this Wednesday night. Some candidates did well and some, well, let just say, not so well. Now I don’t really watch many of the debates but I wanted to catch this one since it was on CNBC and it is my favorite television network. Besides, the topic of the debate was business and the economy. God knows we need to understand what the candidates are going to do about the current economic malaise.

In case you missed it, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who is currently running for the GOP Presidential nomination, had a major gaffe when addressing three key departments of the federal government that he would eliminate.  Suddenly he seemed to have one of those mental blocks, you know, one of those times when your mind goes totally blank. The words he was looking for just would not come to mind.

His “gaffe” has been replayed over and over in the press. The political pundits are proclaiming his lack of preparedness in this and other debates. They were saying “it’s as if he dropped by casually for the debate.”

In the post debate spins, Governor Perry stated how “he really stepped in out there.”

Well no matter what your politics are, there is a lesson here. If you are in sales, you know that you can’t afford to “Step in it out there”!

Think about what can happen if you casually drop by to see a big prospect or any other opportunity for that matter and you pull a Governor Perry and really “step in it”. “Stepping in it” could cost you a dearly! Seriously, no matter what you do, be prepared! Yes we have all heard the legendary Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. It really rings true.

You never know what opportunities might come your way and when it does, you certainly ” Don’t want to “step in it.”

Preparation is matter of doing your homework, both professional and personally. From a professional standpoint, understand what you want to accomplish with every encounter with clients. Personally, it involves knowing yourself, what you are good at and what you want to accomplish in life.

Accomplishment is all about preparation. Be prepared and for goodness sakes don’t “step in it out there”! Don’t OOPS!


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