Sometimes, all you need is a little hope

It’s been a rough few weeks. Busy but rough. Hell, who am I kidding,  it’s been a rough year. You know what I’m talking about.  If you have been in the business world at all in the last couple of years, you may have felt it too. That certain feeling, one that is a combination between frustration and helplessness.  

Today, I’m  driving home from what was a good day of work. It’s a beautiful Colorado fall day; crystal clear blue skies, 70 degrees and I’m looking at the mountains.  The window is down and the radio is on, but it’s more background noise as I am focusing on the results of my busy day. Then,  Elton John’s Tiny Dancer  starts playing and the line, “it’s been a busy day today” catches my attention. I start reflecting on the day and I start smiling because I actually felt like I made some progress.

Driving ahead, I come up on an old 1964 Volkswagen bug with a bumper sticker that read “Got Hope?” For some reason I kept looking at that bumper sticker and it stuck me that sometimes we just need a little hope.  A reason to believe. Something that slows us down and says “Don’t worry it’s going to be ok.

It seems that we all get caught up in,  what I refer to as the “Big payoff”. That one thing that  “IF ONLY” this or “IF ONLY” that, everything would be ok.

Too often, we beat ourselves up worrying about the “Big payoff” and we forget to be grateful when life’s little victory’s come about. Remember baby steps!  One step at a time . One positive  will hopefully turn into another and then another and another. Take your wins where you can,  no matter how small. It will help your attitude and help you to keep the faith.

I once read an article about how important gratitude is. Being thankful for the little things. We have many things to be thankful for and sometimes all you need is a little hope.




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  1. Bruce, salespeople and entrepreneurs ride the roller coaster of risk. Our food is faith and hope. It takes a positive nature to find hope in a bumper sticker on a 50 year old car. You’re one those people who is wired to feed yourself the stuff of sustenance. The owner of that war torn Beetle visibly has hope and shares it, and you paid it forward with your post.

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