Times, they are a changing

It seems as if it was only yesterday that it was Memorial Day weekend,  the “Un-Official” start of summer.  That time when you leave your winter habitat and take that first real adventure into the great outdoors. When the swimming pools open for the summer providing that first refreshing dip into a cold pool. Amusement Park’s open up offering everything from special “summertime” treats like Cotton Candy & Funnel Cakes, to rides that provide thrills for all ages. Public  parks are filled with families on picnics, playing softball games, and an untold number of sun worshipers.

Now Labor day has come and gone, the “Un-Official” end of summer. My question,  where did the summer go? 

Ah, times they are a changing. I guess it’s time to get use to the changes the end of summer brings. The change of clothing, the shorter days, the chill in the air, and the changing of the leaves. Yes, everything is changing. The question is are you?

Are you embracing the changes in your environment? The changes in our society? The technology and the new way of selling? The new way of working?

While our leaders try to figure out what to do about the dismal labor statistics and how to improve the jobs picture for the masses, think about what you are doing to improve your job situation.  Are you just hanging on until it gets better or are you using this time to improve yourself? Think about what you can (and need) to do to be relevant to today’s work force requirements.

Are you learning new, relevant skills? Are you networking and utilizing social media to expand your current contacts? Are you creating new relationships?

It seems as if we are always . . . going to do something else. Try something new or something different.  With the change of the seasons why not use this time to move forward in your career and your life.

Ask yourself these four questions:  Why?   Why not?    Why not me?   Why not now?

Do the things that you know that you need to do and take action.  If not now, when?

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