Take a moment and think about these three questions before you read on. . .

Did your parents push you towards success or mediocrity?

Do you strive to be your very best at what you do or do you just want to be average?

In your current job, are you striving for excellence or do you just want to get by?

Recently I was flipping through the channels on the television and I came across a World Series of Poker tournament. One of the players went “All IN” with his hand.  Now as he did this, I couldn’t help but wonder if he felt confident in the hand he was dealt or if he just wanted to get it over with and move on.  As I watch the hand unfold, I thought about how going “All In” is similar to the way in which we should approach our respective lives.  To me, I see it as you  have one of two choices, GO BIG or GO HOME!

Life has many variables and even more uncontrollable’ s. I learned at a very early age that the only thing you can control is: your focus, your effort, and your attitude. If you put forth your best effort, maintain a positive attitude, and clearly focus on the task at hand, almost anything is achievable. I like to think of it as having a warrior’s mentality.

None of us came into this world with average as the goal. Every one of us has the innate ability to be successful.  I believe that you should be passionate about what you do and take pride in what you do or do something else. If you decide to do something else, see previous comments. Be who you want to be and do what you want to do! As I write this, there are a lot of sayings that come to mind but these three seem to fit the best: 1) Fake it until you make it, 2) You can become who you pretend to be, 3) You are what you dream about, think about, and focus your attention on.

In business today, it is easy to put blame for lack of success on the economy, your company, your products or solution (or the lack thereof) your price, etc., etc., etc. . . Ultimately it comes down to YOU. Success starts with YOU and it all starts with your focus, your effort, and your attitude. Are you “ALL IN”?

The famous author and Sales guru Jeffery Gitomer says it the best:

–          Be better than you competition – in everything except price.

–          Be different from your competition – in a way that you can prove.

–          Be closer to your customers than your competition – Relationships Rule.

–          Have a value based offering – in favor of your customer.

Or as I like to say:  GO BIG OR GO HOME


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