Do you have “Sellers Block”?

We have all heard about “Writer’s Block” right? It’s where a writer suddenly has the inability to write anything. It’s as if his mind is frozen, not literally, but where he just can’t get the words to formulate in his mind. The words won’t come together. Nothing is happening. No matter what the writer tries, nothing seems to help. In an attempt to overcome this “block” they are open to anything that might make the situation better. They try doing things differently. They change their routines, reach out to old friends, and even change their eating habits.  At times they wonder if they will ever have success again.

Sound Familiar?  It should, because no matter who you are, what you do, or how well you have done in the past , you’re going to experience times when it seems like something happens to mess up the run.  It happens in all walks of life and in most working environments. Call it what you want but it seems like every profession has a term for this noticeable deterioration in performance . In the stock market it’s called a “correction”. You know that deterioration in performance that makes your 401K become more like a 201K or even a 101K. In the sports world they call it a “slump”.  Where the guy that usually hits  .300 and  20+ homers a year can’t seem to hit a beach ball rolling toward him.

In the sales game, it’s no different. Sometimes , no matter what you do, it just won’t happen. You can’t understand it. You have always been successful. You work hard, you’re putting in the hours, you’re giving it everything you got, but it just won’t happen. Confidence , Gone! No Sale!  Some might use the sports metaphor and call it simply a “Sales Slump”.  Me, I call it “Sellers Block” and it  can come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s just a week or two long, while others  descend like a massive winter storm, wiping out all that sense of accomplishment you once knew so well.

So what do you do to get out of it? How do you get back in the groove, make things happen again, get your MOJO back?

While there may be many potential remedies to eliminating “Sellers Block”, the one that I have found that works best for me is to revisit success. By suggesting revisiting  success,  I’m talking about really taking a hard look at several of your past successes and writing them out. From start to finish. How did you find the account? What vertical are they in? How did you get in the account?  How did you find the right decision maker. What techniques and approaches worked to get in front of the right decision maker? What was the problem that they had that your service or solution help to solve or eliminate? What steps did you take to move the prospect along?  Do a deep dive through the entire process,  from start to finish. If you really look at what you did and compare it to what you’re doing now,  you might be able to eliminate what has been blocking your success.

Finally, don’t be frustrated or upset about being in a slump. It’s a chance to learn and when you get out of it and on the other side, you’ll be more knowledgeable and better than you were before.

I’d be interested in what your thoughts are on the subject. Share your comments on what you do when you get “Sellers Block” or find yourself in a Slump.


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  1. Whenever I feel like I’m in a slump, reluctant to prospector need a motivator, I go back through my calendar of follow ups and work on those. Following up with prospects from previous discussion has helped me in pushing new opportunities down the funnel and gain confidence in creating new follow ups or calls. I’ll go back as far as 3 months at times

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