Motivation from a different source

This past week I drove with my only daughter across 5 states so that she can attend college at that SEC powerhouse Louisiana State University. Two days and 20 hours later we arrived and got her settled into her new home and new life as a college freshman. She is on her own for the very first time, to a new beginning, in a different place, not knowing anyone. Instead of being timid and weak, she is being bold and need I say adventuresome.

Make no mistake about it, as this trip was for and about my daughter, I personally gained a whole new perspective about starting anew and tackling new challenges and opportunities. I observed the way she went into this with a positive attitude, hopeful outlook, and zest for the unknown.  The way she approached the various issues that she was presented with and how she responded to each of the trials and tribulations involved was simply amazing. I am so impressed with her and it provided me with a new outlook on things. It actually served as a motivational moment for me. Motivation from a different source that I hadn’t expected.

Today, I’m back. But today somehow feels different. Not the normal first day back from vacation. Not that “ugh” that sometimes marks the first day back to work. Today is a new day with a new since of focus, vigor, purpose and  commitment to moving forward.

Motivation can come from a variety of different sources and there are numerous different factors that motivate each of us. Money, Security, Success, Fear, Family, etc… Today, for me, it comes from a familiar source, my daughter. She has shown me that life should be an adventure.  That we should all be open to new ideas, new people, and new opportunities.  She gave me a “Reason to Believe “ that anything is possible with the right attitude!


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