Adapt your style

Imagine for a moment how boring the world would be if everyone was exactly the same. If everyone acted and responded exactly the same way in the same situations. Not a pretty thought is it?

My mother always said “that it takes all kinds to make the world go around, so you better act accordingly”. It was her way of telling me to be adaptable.

 Are all of your clients and prospects exactly the same? Do they all think the same? Do they all have exactly the same problems, the same schedules, the same preferred method of communicating? 

 The answer to these and other similar questions is;  Of course not!

 So why are you selling to them the same way?

 To be truly customer centric, being constantly aware of your clients preferences, priorities, and requirements is essential. Usually this means adapting or modifying your style or process. Since selling is basically a matching process, i.e. matching the right product or service to your customer’s needs, you should match your selling style with the customer’s buying style.

Today’s demanding Decision Makers are reassessing every spending and investment decision they make. They are looking for ways to reduce, delay or even cancel purchases and investment decisions and they are seeking certainty that desired results will be achieved as planned. Success comes to those that learn how to adapt their selling style and value proposition to the changing buying preferences of their prospects.

Treating your customers or clients the way they want to be treated, selling to them in the way they want to buy is a strategy that can lead to long-term success. If you can adapt, you can create a competitive advantage.


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