Friday afternoon . . . . Lessons learned

It’s been a long week to say the least. You’ve been working hard, putting in extra hours. But it also feels like one of those weeks where it’s one step forward and two steps back. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. We have all been there.

It’s Friday afternoon and you’re tired. You are already thinking about a weekend of must needed rest and relaxation.  You decide that today, you are heading home early. Why not? You justify it to yourself in several ways saying; “I deserve it, I worked hard all week.”  “Beside most of my clients are doing the same thing.” “The proverbial great escape is under way and traffic will be bad.”

Yes, this was me this past Friday afternoon. Like most tired and sometimes frustrated individuals, I needed an early escape to de-stress.  It’s 4:30 and I’m turning on to my street. Mowing the yard seems to help but from the looks of the grooming process taking place with many of my neighbors, I am actually late to the party. It appears that every guy at every house is mowing their grass. Now most of my neighbors are professionals. A lot of Sales people, Vice Presidents and the like. But today something was different. I guess I looked at it a little differently from the thousands of times that I drove down my street. I noticed that the people that were out, were the sales folks, not the VP’s.

As I walked into my home office,  I decided to quickly check my email and check in to see what was happening on twitter.  I see a tweet from one of my tweeps and it says; “It’s 5:20, your decision makers are still working, are you?” You know what, my perspective changed! Instead of starting the weekend early, I decided to make a few more phone calls. He was right! They were still working and I actually got some things accomplished that I needed to with several key individuals. Never mind that by the time I finished my calls, it had started to rain and the lawn didn’t get mowed. Oh well, isn’t that what Saturdays are for?

Let my lesson be a lesson for you. Even when you’re tired and you need a break, keep pushing yourself. There is a subtle hint here that should be an obvious one. It’s  that the results achieved are in direct portion to the effort put forth. If you take off just 1 hour every week, no matter if it’s 15 minutes here or half of a hour there, you lose more than a full week of productivity each year. Think about what you could do with an extra week every year. Maximize your time and you maximize your opportunities.

After all there is a reason the decision makers and VP’s are still at work. This is exactly why they are the decision makers. Make the best use of your time  and someday you might be the decision maker!


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