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In most, if not all, print companies today, there are numerous departments that are used in the document creation and production process. PrePress,  Web enablement, Designers, Creative, Printing, Order entry, Mail,  Sales, etc.  Whether you realize it or not, you probably have many smart and talented individuals on your staff that are very good at doing things other than what you are currently paying them for.

Now,  labor is probably one of the biggest expenses in your operation and ultimately it has a big impact on your revenues and profits. In these challenging economic times, business owners need to be open to new ways of keeping costs down, while at the same time generating revenues. A  simple, yet often overlooked area of opportunity is in increasing  Revenue per employee,  It is probably easier to do than you think and the rewards for your business could be striking.  Today’s tech savvy employees are often skilled in a variety of venues. If you look at  it, you just might find the answer to a revenue problem or new business opportunity, already on your payroll.  Why not see what else they can do or what else your employees are good at?

– Maybe Bob that runs the inserter has been secretly wanting to get into variable document design and has been taking classes for the last year.

– Judy in creative might have an idea for a client’s statement redesign that would generate faster payments for clients and more revenue for you.

– Sam in printing may be a master of “Social Media” and would be happy to start and maintain  a Facebook page or Tweet relevant information to your followers. (You are on Twitter, right?)

Instead of struggling to find new opportunities, look to the people inside  your organization.  Increase your Revenue per Employee. Think differently about what they could provide. Talk with them, find out what they are interested in. Discover their secret talents and see if they can be used to help grow your business. The impact on your business could be “priceless”. Employees might just be able to do what they really want to do. Their moral could improve, resulting in a better work environment, and happy workers make more productivve workers. It could turn out to be a “Cracker Jack” moment, “You never know what you will find”

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  1. I agree to your observation that labor is one of the biggest expenses and is a major impact on company financial statements. I have a suggestion for all the companies specially for small and medium sized companies who are struggling for revenue.

    S & M size companies must analyze their business activities and should divide them in two parts. 1- Activities which have a high value for companies and which can give competitive advantage, 2- Complex/Time consuming activities which are not that much valuable and you can get competetive advantage even if you dont focus alot on such activities. Once such activities are identified companies should outsource Complex/Time consuming activities.

    The question is that outsourcing is also not a cheap option today. I have an idea for this problem as well. There are some sites like, www.,, You will get thousands of business professionals here who do your work in an incredible low cost. If you talk about US, you will get a graphic designer in about $40 to $85 per hour. Here in these sites you can hire in even $2/ hour. See the difference. And the most important thing is that there is not a single business activity for which there are no professionals in these sites. You will get every kind of freelancer. try and leave a comment if you like my idea.

    Free Financial Statement Analysis

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