Halfway There . . . Now What?

The 4th of July, the pinnacle of summer. The barbecues are in full swing across the country. Family and friends have come together for those fabulous festivals of fun and good times.  Picnics, backyard fun, trips to the amusement parks, block parties, all capped off by the magic and wonder of those terrific fireworks displays.  It’s time to celebrate our country’s independence.

But with the all this celebration comes the stark realization that the year is half over. If you are a Business Owner or a Sales Professional the reality is that there are only 125 selling days left in the year. (taking in to account the holidays of Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) With that said, how was your first half? Did you meet or exceed your goals? How are you progressing on your full year goals?  Are you doing all the thing necessary to ensure that 2011 is a successful year? If not, why not?

Take the time now to evaluate where you are compared to where you thought you would be or better yet, compare them to where you want to be. Pull out those goals that you wrote down at the start of the year. You did write them down right? Look at them and see where you are and how you are doing.  Ask yourself if you are doing all the things that you said you would do. If you are on track, awesome!  Why not kick it into overdrive and make this a special year, a career year, one for the record books.  If you aren’t getting the results you expected or wanted, change course now. Figure out what you need to change and change it. Create a second half plan. Use the “Dog Days of Summer” to kick start the remainder of the year. Call it the Summer Surge. Use this time to refocus, re-charge, or even re-invent your success engine. Touch more clients, more prospects. Reconnect with those clients that said no in the first half. Maybe things have changed. Make a commitment to change what’s not working.

Once you have made a commitment to change, it is very empowering. It provides its own level of motivation and inspiration. When you commit to change, you focus on what is important to you!  You can change your circumstances, your attitude, your world! Change is inevitable . . .  accept and embrace it! You will be astonished at what is possible!

Doing an honest evaluation is critical, (some say essential) in making sure that when the new year comes along you don’t use phases like, should of, or could of, or if only. Look at what you said you would do and make the appropriate changes now before it’s too late. Before you know it the year will be over.


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