Time to Chill . . . .

In today’s hustle and bustle world it seems as though most of us feel the need to be constantly connected. Multi-tasking is the norm. Laptop computers, Smart phones, instant messaging and the like are designed to make us more productive. They enable us to work from anywhere, at any time, day or night. In the office, in your car, at home, on the road, and yes, for some, even on vacation. That feeling that we need to be in touch with what’s going. Whether it’s as a business owner, a corporate executive or as a sales professional, it seems that there is always work that can be done. When you are striving for success it always seems like you can do a little more; one more appointment, one more meeting, one more client interaction, one more, one more, one more. Yes, being in touch with your business and what is going on is important. Stop and think about it for a moment; What would happen if you weren’t there?  If you suddenly you were not in the picture, or you no longer existed. Would the world and your little piece of it continue on without you?

The answer is an obvious and a resounding YES!

So what’s the point? What’s the message here? It’s that sometimes you just need to Chill!

Yes, that old 60’s cliché, “Chill”. Walk away from the computer, shut off the Crackberry, shut out all the pressures, the deadlines, and take some time for yourself and relax. Get some fresh air, take a walk, crank up the music and play some air guitar. Whatever it is that will provide you with that mental escape, that release of the tension and stress. Even a few minutes will help to clear your mind. It will help you to refocus and probably bring about some clarity and purpose to what you are trying to accomplish.

Reality check . . . Stop taking it all so seriously!

Your boss can wait for a few minutes. Your customer won’t abandon you if it takes you 15 minutes to respond to that email or phone call. I’m not saying to totally blow them off. But it is important to have balance. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Take some time and CHILL!

A special thanks to Paul Castain of the Sales Playbook for providing the inspiration for this post. Check out Paul’s website at http://yoursalesplaybook.com/


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