Get Back to the Basics

So you have been working your tail off and don’t feel like you are getting the results that you want. It seems that you have so much to do but not enough time to accomplish all that is required. In an effort to do more, you are multitaksing until it hurts. Recent research suggests that multitasking can actually reduce productivity, because it takes a lot of mental energy to switch from one task to the next.   It seems like you are that preverbal mouse on the treadmill. You are getting nowhere fast. You know that you haven’t had a day off, a vacation, or even a few fleeting moments to de-compress. Let’s face it you are burned out! Mentally, physically, and emotionally.  So what do you do?

First of you, take some time. It’s doesn’t have to be two weeks in Hawaii, (although that would be fabulous) or even a long weekend. Take a day or even a few hours to just relax. Find someplace to decompress and clear your mind. Then start to re-focus. In most sports, when things are not going right the coaches always revisit the fundamentals. They go back to basics.

So what does going back to the basics mean to you? If you are in sales, and we all sell in one way or another, it means relooking at what you are selling.  What is the niche? What are the demographics or parameters for the ideal customer? What type of customer could use your product? What types of clients have gained value from going with your product, your company, and more importantly you! It doesn’t matter whether you are selling hardware, software, or even services. It doesn’t matter what field you are in, medical, print, or information technology. It all starts with the basics and the customer.

Go back to the basics. Focus on one task at a time. Shut off the Blackberry, your email and set a time limit to accomplish the task at hand. Make a list of all the things that you need to do. Make it sort of a “Professional Honey-Do” list.  Set the priorities and figure out the time that you think that it will take to complete the task. Take the time to think! Think about your successes. What you did right and how you were successful.  How did you go after a particular opportunity? Was it a relationship or change in situation? Was it a new opportunity? If so, how and where did you come up with the opportunity. Also, look at your failures. Really look at it. Don’t use the economy, price, or your product as an excuse. Look at your performance and be your own worse critic. You can learn an awful lot from what you actually did wrong if you are honest with yourself.  Then do the comparison. When you were successful, what did you do differently from other not so successful ventures? Most of the time it boils down to the basics.

Once you have the process defined of what type of clients fit the mold, utilize new resources. The business environment has changed over the last several years and I’m guessing that the profile of your ideal customer has changed as well. Look for new clients on Google, LinkedIn, or go to your local library. Also, don’t totally forget about the data that your company might provide. Yeah I know, you have scoured that data to death but take a fresh look. Relook at it to see if any of your customers have changed, made acquisitions, merged, evolved their business or have any new initiatives.  Also, revisit your current clients and understand what they like most about your product or service. It will provide you with a positive boost. Reach out to those old prospects that decided to hold off or gave you that dreaded NO. Things change and that just might be an opportunity waiting.

Create a plan. The old saying of plan your work and work your plan is a must. Going back to the basics helps define your tasks. It will help you to increase your activities, your attitude will improve, and as a result so will your altitude. Going back to the basics is the  AAA standard formula for success.  (Activities +Attitude = Altitude) If you get back to the basics it will it help you to re-focus. It will give you new motivation, a new attitude, and a new purpose. Going back to the basics will help you get your Mojo back. That swagger and an air of confidence that is essential for success.


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