Is it all worth it?

As I sat this morning preparing for my last Sunday run, with race day only one week away, I looked at my training schedule and I began to ponder if it is all worth it?  Did I do enough to prepare to be successful? Were all the hours spent running through the various neighborhoods logging endless miles in countless places, and the ever present aches and pains; was it really worth it? 

There are times in each of our lives where we get to that point where we ask ourselves this proverbial million dollar question. It usually creeps up at the end of a hard week at work or when things just don’t seem to be going your way. Whether it’s in pursuit of a personal goal or it’s striving for professional accomplishment there are times when self doubt creeps in and you begin to wonder; Is it really worth it?

When you get to that point, and we all get to that point at sometime or another, embrace it and relish in it. It’s kind of like your inner-self telling you it’s time to calm down and focus. Let it serve as your wake up call, telling you that its time, that you need to re-access and re-commit. Find whatever it is that helps to motivate you in accomplishing your goal(s) and take Nike’s advice and just do it.

For me it’s running. For others it’s sitting and listening to a particular song or album. For others it’s spending time with family or good friends.  Whatever “it is” for you, find it and do it, then re-look at your goals and evaluate how you are doing. Chances are you will see the positives steps you have taken and you might be surprised how much you have already accomplished.  I did this exercise. I looked at and re-accessed all of my goals and I discovered that in some cases I had already met some of my goals. If you do this exercise, it will help you to bring things into focus. You will see that there are things that you still need to accomplish, but more importantly, the progress you’ve made and the goals that you have already met. By doing this you will realize that in many cases you are on track or even well ahead of where you need to be.  It also can highlight where you need to work harder..

When you are at that point where you are wondering, “Is it all worth it”, take the time to relax, re-access and check your progress. By doing this it will help to re-motivate you. It will tell you that hey, everything is ok. I’m on track. I’m doing the things that I need to in an effort to keep moving forward in this game called life. Is it all worth it? You bet it is!


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