Relax & Sell

Too many times as sales professionals we let ourselves get too worked up before sales calls. It seems like we desperately need to get something, anything from a prospect. We are looking for any acknowledgement, a nod, a twinkle in the prospects eye, a commitment to move ahead (no matter how small the step).

Pressure abounds as the last two years of economic woe have had a dramatic impact on most if not all sales organizations. Vice Presidents and Sales Managers are scrutinized more and more on their sales numbers and the results of their people. Sales professionals are not immune to the pressures as we all know that the $ % ! # runs downhill. The old “trickle down” theory is more like taking a drink from the proverbial fire hose. 

Sales people today are under more pressure to deliver NOW than ever before. Every month is like quarter-end or year-end.  If you are doing well, managers want you to do more. If you are not performing, “put out or get out” seems to be the mantra du jour. Given the current jobs market, sales reps desperate to keep their jobs are pushing prospects harder and harder. Unfortunately, as a result of the high pressure tactics, prospects are pulling back. Instead of moving forward with decisions, the opposite is happening. Prospects are delaying decisions, looking at more options, asking for more information, and solutions are becoming commoditized as sales reps cut their pricing in an effort to make the deal happen. 

So what’s the key to sales success…. RELAX!

Yes, relax! Every sales professional has seen this time and time again. If you have been in sales for any length of time you know that it’s not uncommon for the panic to set in. Relax, you have been here before. You are experienced, you know what you are doing and things will change. Clearly and concisely explain how and why you are different. Be strategic and aligned with what your prospects are trying to accomplish, and above all else, provide value.  Yes you need to be focused in your efforts but don’t let the internal pressures affect your selling style and the way that you deal with your prospects. The old saying of “dogs can smell fear” is so true. No one likes the stench of a desperate sales rep so relax and the success will come.


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