Assessment Time!

I just finished week twelve of a 20 week training program for my upcoming race. As I was running today I started thinking about all the time I have spent on the treadmill and the streets and I wondered how I was doing. I decide it was time to evaluate how my times are, how much I have run, and will I be able to achieve my goal.  I decide it was assessment time.

The more I thought about assessing my training the more I thought about assessing where I am in the goals I set forth in all aspects of my life for 2011.  Research indicates that a full one third of New Year’s pledges only lasted up to a week and one in seven lasted just a few hours. The majority of people that set goals usually give up entirely after 6 weeks and very small percentage actually make their goals a reality by years end.

I believe if you keep your goals and aspirations in site you can actually accomplish them.  But just like in any situation you need to assess where you are in the process.  So the question you need to ask yourself is how am I doing?  Did you over reach in your expectations and are they realistic? Chances are you have been doing well in one area and but not so well in another.  Did you stumble and fall. If you, did you get back on track? 

By doing an assessment you bring into focus what you are doing right and it also makes clear where you need to re-focus.  When doing your assessment, if you are meeting your goals in one area, celebrate your success. Reward yourself by doing something special. Also, look for areas of opportunity where you might be able to do little more. Life happens and sometimes we fall short.  In most cases, with the right attention, you can get back on track.

Do the little things that will help bring back the focus.  If you are selling and you are not making the numbers of calls you set for yourself, add two or three more a week to get back in the swing.  If you are a business owner, expand your reach by adding one more tweet, email or post.  Schedule some time to thank your customers.  Encourage your employees to do a little more. Big things can be accomplished with small steps.

Use this assessment time to make the corrections now to ensure that you successfully reach all your goals when the year is up. Don’t do like years past and say this is what I wanted and not make it happen. Don’t be another statistic.  Don’t look back with regret when a minor adjustment is all that was needed to right the ship. Re-look at your goals and aspirations for 2011. Make an assessment and the necessary adjustments to get back where you need.  Keep the focus and drive ahead with a renewed conviction.  Don’t look in the rearview mirror as the task ahead requires that you focus on what’s ahead of you not what you left behind.  Hold yourself accountable. Accountability serves and protects your character, credibility and commitments. It ensures that what you want to accomplish gets accomplished.


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