What do you bring to the Party?

 As an avid runner and a periodic race runner I often have many long training runs. Some runs often are for 2 or more hours. Now when running, especially on the long runs, I think of a variety of different things. At the start of the run it’s usually something related to how’s my stride, how’s my time, is my breathing right? Usually after the 1st mile or so I settle in and my mind begins to wander. Inevitably it always seems to come back to business. What vertical markets should I focus on? What can I do to impact my customers business? What can I do to differentiate myself from my competition? The solutions that I offer aren’t the cheapest in the market, not by a long shot. My company incorporates great technology and we have unbelievable service but I’m sure that my competition is saying the same things.

The question came to me, “What do I bring to the Party”?

Now I have never been one to toot my own horn. It’s not my style. After 25+ years in the business I have learned to take things in stride; the good times and the bad, the occasional concerns of the boss, and the usual ups and downs of selling. But the question lingered, “What do I bring to the Party”? 

So I decided that at the end of my run, I would write down all the things that came to me as I pondered the million dollar question.  I wrote things like, “my company”, “the resources”, “my access”, “my commitment to always put the customer first”, etc. Finally I realized that I bring a lot to the party! I bring me to the party!  I made a commitment to me as the differentiator. The things that I bring to the party, I’m going to share,  the successes that I have had with my customers and the success that they have enjoyed as a result of doing business with me! The little things that not all sales professionals do that I routinely do for my clients.  I have committed to providing examples of the numerous things that I do for my clients on my website.

So “What do you bring to the Party”? What does your company do that separates you from your competition? Is it your exceptional level of customer service, your expertise, your years in the business? Too often we get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle to think about, write down, and tell our customers about “what we bring to the party”. Let them know! Let your clients and potential clients know what makes doing business with you special. Let them know why they should do business with you and most importantly, let them know “What you bring to the party”!


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