How’s Your MOJO?

We have all heard it, seen it, and for some, even felt it!  That special feeling that radiates out to the world that says, fasten your seat belt something magical is happening.

 We have seen it in sports numerous times; the incredible comebacks, the homerun in the bottom of the ninth, the last second basket for the win.  How many times have we watched Tiger Woods standing over a 15 foot putt for the win and you just know that he is going to make it!

So what is it? What is the seemingly magical power that these individuals have?  Some say it is confidence or desire, while others will tell you it is their natural ability. I say it’s MOJO!

MOJO plays a vital role in our pursuit of meaning, happiness, and success. It’s that internal flame that burns deep inside of each of us that makes us special. MOJO is self generated but it can be observed. It shows in the bounce in your step or that certain swagger. There is a certain level of enthusiasm that is broadcast out to the world. That feeling of optimism and satisfaction to what we are doing. It’s about loving what you do and showing it.  Your MOJO is a measurement of the skills and the attitude that you bring to your work. It’s your knowledge, ability, confidence and motivation. 

So how is your MOJO? Do you love what you are doing? Are you showing that special stuff that makes you who you are in business and keeps those clients coming back time and time again? Every business needs MOJO to keep growing and every person in the organization plays a vital role. MOJO is having a company where people care. Where there is a level of client service that is natural, welcoming and effortless.

Do you appreciate the opportunities that you are given?  Do you go the extra mile for your customers?  Take note of it because your clients certainly do. Take the time to assess your MOJO and make sure you get it right.  If you want to be respected and admired in what you do send the positive signals.  Radiate the joy in your life and let people know that what you are doing is important and that they are important to you.


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