Investing in your Business

It has been said that “If you always do what you always did . . . you will always get what you always got!”

Is this your approach to your business? Is this really the safest thing to do? In today’s marketplace we are faced with numerous challenges.  High unemployment . . . Tight Credit . . . Business Failures . . .Budget Cuts . . . and on and on.  The “do more with less” attitude is prevalent. 

Most businesses are faced with difficult times. But in difficult times, savvy business people adapt. They look at ways to evolve their business to not only survive but to thrive. They figure out a way to make lemonade out of lemons.  If you are in the business for the long term what steps are you taking? What is the competition doing? Do you offer the same basic products or services as your competition? If so, how do you differentiate your business from your competitors? If you don’t differentiate yourself it becomes a cost based decision. Congratulation you’re now selling a commodity. Like any other commodity, you are subject to supply and demand and that never ending battle of price.  Translation cut cost!  Is this really the best move for long-term survival?  Sure you need to hold down cost but why not work with your clients to show them how to be more profitable. 

You can differentiate your company by providing VALUE! Help your clients to garner more business from their customers resulting in increased revenues. Think out of the box and be creative. Offer solutions to their business problems and you create a win-win scenario.   If you can do this, you can truly become a business partner instead of just other provider. Other way of separating your business from the competition is by leveraging technology. There are a lot of new technologies available and investing in new technology and equipment will keep your business viable in the coming years.

As everyone is painfully aware, the last several years have been like no others since the great depression. Business has suffered. Our government knows that without business investment the economy doesn’t grow. The Federal Government is doing everything they can to spur business investment. Investments in people, jobs, and equipment are essential for the health of our country. With the most recent legislation that was passed in the “lame duck” session of congress, the government is offering up huge incentives for business investment.  With interest rates at historical lows, companies looking to drive revenues, and promotional offering the norm, there may never be a better opportunity to invest in your business.

Now is the time. Invest in your business, invest in your customers, and invest for your future!


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